Killer7 shows off its first 3 assassins in new trailer

NiS America has released a trailer for the Killer7 remaster that was announced back in May, and is set for PC later this year.

Killer7 gives you control of the seven personalities of Harman Smith as he searches for the leader of ‘Heaven Smile,’ a suicide bombing group that's set on world domination.

The trailer gives an idea of how well the cel shaded graphics fit with the overall look and feel of the game and introduces the first three assassins—or personalities—and their special abilities. Garcian Smith (The Cleaner) can resurrect others, Dan Smith (The Hellion) has Collateral Shot, and Kevin Smith (Four-eyes) can turn invisible. 

You can check out the game's Steam page here, though there are no further details on pricing or a release date at this time.  

Sarah James
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