Just Cause 4: Danger Rising gives Rico a hoverboard

It turns out there are still some things Just Cause 4's Rico Rodriguez hasn't blown up, so he's returning for one more pyrotechnic display in Danger Rising, the third and final expansion. Watch the trailer above. 

The Agency, Rico's old employer and CIA analogue, was revealed to be bad (shocking!) in Just Cause 4, and they've put a hit on their old agent, sending in some guy we're suppose to know with a big submarine. It's got a lot of firepower just to take down one bloke, but Rico's got some new tricks up his sleeve, namely a nifty hoverboard. 

Now, hoverboards are cool and all, but they don't blow stuff up, and we know that's all Rico's really interested in. Don't fret—he's getting a new gun, too. The Stormalong EM Zero is a beefy gravity gun that can turn even hefty tanks into projectiles. Science is great.

The first two expansions, which introduced some car challenges and demons (yes, demons), weren't well-received, but this looks like classic Just Cause silliness. I mean just look at that huge boat/submarine thing—I bet that's going to be a hoot to destroy. 

While this brings Just Cause 4 to a close (and judging by the reception, possibly the series) there's still that Just Cause movie in the works, written by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad. It could be good! It probably won't be. 

Danger Rising will be available from August 29 for Gold Edition and Expansion Pass owners, while everyone else will be able to purchase it separately from September 5.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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