John Wick's creator is writing a Just Cause movie

Just Cause is getting a movie adaptation with John Wick creator Derek Kolstad writing. Constantin Film acquired the rights from Avalanche Studios and Square Enix and is apparently hoping it will just be the start of a series. There's always another island full of stuff to blow up. 

I doubt there's going to be much need to tweak things to get Just Cause to fit the action movie mould. According to Deadline, it sees Rico Rodriguez once again trying to stop the Black Hand, a mercenary group that's shown up in three of the four games. And like the games, expect him to use his grappling hook, wingsuit and penchant for causing mayhem to help him take down the mercenaries. 

The last game was full of spectacle and weaponised weather, but the series is starting to feel a bit creaky. Check out Robert Zak's Just Cause 4 review.   

"Just Cause 4 still taps into that need for reckless abandon that resides in all gamers, but its impact is softening," he wrote. "I have a good several hours of tethering tomfoolery left in me, but once I put it down, I can't see myself returning to this series until it gets the refurbishment it deserves."

It's the weakest of the series, so this probably isn't the most auspicious time for a movie, but with Derek Kolstad involved there's maybe a chance it could be watchable. The John Wick trilogy is the best thing to happen to modern action movies, and it's getting an adaptation, too, in the form of turn-based tactics game John Wick Hex.

Fraser Brown
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