Join the PC Gamer Club and get an exclusive Battalion 1944 rifle skin

We've added another exclusive in-game item to our package of PC Gamer Club Legendary (opens in new tab) rewards: this Flight Springfield S rifle skin for throwback WWII shooter Battalion 1944 (opens in new tab), which adds a stylish pop of PC Gamer red to your armory.

Courtesy of Bulkhead Interactive, the skin is exclusively available to new and existing members of the PC Gamer Club Legendary tier—if you're already a member, check your inbox! (Note that you must own a copy of Battalion 1944 to redeem the skin.)

This item joins a bunch of other great Legendary rewards, including exclusive cosmetic items for Elite Dangerous (opens in new tab) and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (opens in new tab), an ad-free version of the website, a digital magazine subscription, and game codes every month.

Head here (opens in new tab) for a rundown of everything you get by joining the PC Gamer Club, and to join, drop by (opens in new tab).

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