Join the PC Gamer Club and get exclusive Rising Storm 2: Vietnam items

If you've been reading PC Gamer for awhile, you know that we're fans of Rising Storm, Antimatter Games and Tripwire Interactive's multiplayer FPS series. We've loved Rising Storm's scale, authenticity, asymmetry, and teamwork, and the fact that it originated as the work of a bunch of enthusiastic, war-nerd modders.

If you're a fan, too, joining the PC Gamer Club at the Legendary Tier will now net you something special: a set of custom-made cosmetics for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's factions. For the United States, a "Make Mods, Not War" helmet slogan pays tribute to one of our favorite parts of PC gaming and Tripwire's history. For the PAVN, a bathtub tattoo, for no reason in particular. And for the Australian ANZAC forces, a tattoo of our ancient and unforgettable mascot, Coconut Monkey.

Existing Legendary members should be receiving their item code by email soon, and new members will find their code in the welcome email after joining. Note that these are in-game items which require a copy of Rising Storm 2 to use, but you can hold on to your codes for as long as you want. (If you're interested, RS2 happens to be on sale right now in the Humble Hope for Orphans Bundle.)

These new additions join a growing set of great PC Gamer Club Legendary bonuses, which include a week's membership to RuneScape and an exclusive pet, an ad-free website, a digital subscription to PC Gamer magazine, new game keys in your inbox every month, and more. Check out all the benefits here, and sign up to the Legendary tier for just $5 a month at

PS, If you're already a member, check your welcome email to make sure you've joined the Discord server (shoot an email to if you're not sure how). We'd love to play Rising Storm 2 with you while sporting our new bathtub ink.

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