Join the PC Gamer Club and get a bundle of items for Crossout this month

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only cars. Well, online PvP battle cars and their drivers, to be precise. That’s because MMO action game Crossout challenges players to build their own Franken-car, then ride it into battle, destroying any other car who would oppose it. 

Courtesy of Gaijin Entertainment, we're currently sending PC Gamer Club (opens in new tab) Legendary tier members a bundle of items for Crossout until the end of March. These are global keys that redeem on Gaijin's website, so no matter where you are, you'll be able to redeem them if you're joined up. 

In this pack you'll get:
- Rare 'Engineer flag' for seven days. The flag allows you to earn additional reputation (experience) in battles for seven days.
- Unique sticker: 'Ghost Knight'.
- Paint can: 'Standard of Victory'.

The codes expire on March 31st, so join by March 30th if you fancy getting a key. You can join the PC Gamer Club here (opens in new tab)

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