Jack Black launched a YouTube gaming channel and he already has over 2 million subs

The internet has spoken—actor Jack Black is relevant, not just as a movie star or musician, but also as a game streamer. It's hard to argue otherwise after his new YouTube channel Jablinksi Games amassed over 1 million subscribers in less than a week, and then more than doubled that number to over 2.1 million subscribers a few days later.

"I am proud to announce the launch of my new channel, Jablinksi. This channel will have games, food, and life," the description for Black's introductory video reads.

In the 28-second video clip, the Tenacious D star promises (jokingly?) that his channel is going to be "bigger than Ninja, it's gonna be bigger than PewDiePie."

That short video has racked up nearly 6.4 million views, whereas a second video announcing the 1 million subscriber milestone has amassed over 5.1 million additional views. Not bad for 77 seconds worth of content.

How big will his channel grow? That remains to be seen, though as Comic Book noticed, this website that tracks YouTube analytics projects that he'll hit 1 billion subscribers in six months. That's probably way over optimistic, with the site reading way too much into his channel's initial flurry of subscribers.

Still, Jack Black could be on to something big here. We'll find out soon enough—according the channel, he'll be posting videos every Friday.

Paul Lilly

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