iBUYPOWER partners with Wal-Mart to sell custom desktop PCs


Gamers looking for a custom gaming rig, but who don't want to build it themselves (shame on you) have a new, super-convenient option. iBUYPOWER is partnering up with one of the largest retail chains on the planet, Wal-Mart, to bring custom PCs to the masses.

The interface to pick and choose your parts on Wal-Mart's site is super simple, but so is some of the selection. Check out the options available on their site right now.

You get to pick from 5 different cases, an AMD or Intel processor, 3 different hard drive options, a graphics card (both Radeon and GeForce options are up for grabs), 3 different types of optical drives (including Blu-ray), and 3 different forms of Windows 7. Optional parts include card readers, monitors, and printers. All the systems start at $580 and the price increases depending on the parts you buy.

So what do you think? Would you consider building your next PC as a blue-light special?