I am a very large journalist and this Cyber Monday deal on the Secretlab Titan Evo makes me kinda happy

SecretLab Titan Evo chair
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Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair £469£439 at Secretlab (save £30)

Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair £469 £439 at Secretlab (save £30)
Secretlab's best chair, and one of the best gaming chairs it's possible to buy today. The regular Titan Evo is great, but if you're a big and tall gamer the XL version is the one to go for—it's much more comfortable than trying to squeeze your titanic majesty into something not meant for the job.

Price check: Amazon £569

For those mighty kings reading this who are over six feet tall, in the region of 20 stone, and built like a rugby player who's seen better days, here's some news. Secretlab has a Cyber Monday deal on its Titan Evo gaming chairs, and it includes the XL version. So rejoice.

The downside is that the deal is only worth £30 off the chairs, and is the same discount that was applied earlier this year. So while it's still a deal—and the saving is worth one of the best games in the Steam Autumn Sale—it's not the Cyber Monday mega-discount we might have been expecting.

No matter! The Titan is an excellent chair, and the XL version is ideal for the taller, broader, gamer. Secretlab did some excellent work in its (presumably non-secret) lab to update the chair for 2022, including a new synthetic fabric that's sturdier than real leather, and some extra curves and pads to maintain comfort in whatever position you choose to sit on it in.

Our full Titan Evo review spells out what it was that saw the chair thunder into the position of being our favourite gaming chair, but there's one thing even we can't deny: it's an expensive, heavy piece of furniture. There's a Cyber Monday deal right now on Corsair's TC100 Relaxed chair, and that may be a better choice for anyone not prepared to open their wallet wide enough to extract the price of a Titan, even with £30 off.

Anyone who's tall and heavy, and who sits in a computer chair for long periods, will be thrilled at the sight of a discount on the Titan and Titan XL, however. 

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