I have been sitting down almost my entire life and this Corsair TC100 Relaxed Cyber Monday chair deal makes me want to do it some more

Corsair CT100 gaming chair
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Corsair TC100 Relaxed gaming chair | £199 £149 at Very (save £50)

Corsair TC100 Relaxed gaming chair | £199 £149 at Very (save £50) 
A 25% discount on one of the best budget gaming chairs should make your gaming sessions more comfortable and your back happier.

Price check: Corsair £199.99

Look, I'm not trying to say that PC gamers are a lazy bunch, but anyone who's spent time in front of a monitor knows the importance of a good chair. That's why this deal—a plump £50 off Corsair's TC100 Relaxed gaming chair at Very—caught my eye. 

Who doesn't want to be relaxed at their PC? Maybe some weird survival horror players want to enhance their experience by sitting on beds of nails or chairs made from human bones while playing, but I reckon the majority of gamers require something soft and supportive beneath them, which is exactly what this chair provides.

And while the SecretLab Titan may be PC Gamer's favourite gaming chair, the TC100 Relaxed makes for an excellent budget buy—even more so with £50 off. It took the coveted position of Best Affordable Gaming Chair from another Corsair model, the T3 Rush, that was very similar but more expensive, showing that Corsair—perhaps better known for PC cases and mechanical keyboards—has a proven ability to conjour comfort from a restricted budget.

The 'Relaxed' monicker comes from the chair's ability to recline to a 160-degree angle, more than enough for an emergency nap but also allowing you to take a positively flaccid approach to games. Alongside pouring praise on the chair's cushioning and its ability to accommodate a normal-sized person sitting cross legged (those over six feet tall may need to look elsewhere for satisfaction), our reviewer celebrated its simplicity of construction (it bolts together securely, though the armrests and headrest attachments came in for some criticism) and aesthetically pleasing character, as well as the broad backrest and thick cushion that are, after all, the whole reason we consider buying one of these chairs in the first place.

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