My beloved HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset is half price at just £45 and it's calling to me

The HyperX cloud alpha gaming headset side on
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What's that sound? No, really... listen. It's the sound of a second headset calling my name. I'm going to have to talk myself down from getting a second pair of these right now, because the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset is down to half price on Amazon. That's a head-spinning £44.99 for supreme quality cans against the £89.99 you'd usually find yourself paying. I don't know if I'll find anything that good over the whole of Black Friday.

At half price, this headset is the cheapest these have ever been in the UK as far as I can tell, save buying a used pair. And these really are professional sounding beasties that are good value, deal or none. I honestly don't know where I would be without them. Lamb of God certainly wouldn't sound the same, I can tell you that.

In our review way back in 2018, we gave these babies a score of 90, and after having used them for a year myself I can safely say that score is justified. With a vast frequency response range of 13Hz–27,000Hz they can still hold their own in today's market, and man are these things comfortable to wear for long periods.

The only time they ever get awkward is when I want to run off for a coffee, I have to take them off. But being wired gives them an edge over their wireless counterpart—I may not be able to dance around the house in them, but they never run out of juice, and boy do those bass notes sound tasty.

HyperX Cloud Alpha | Wired | 336g | £89.99 £44.99 at Amazon (save £45)

HyperX Cloud Alpha | Wired | 336g | £89.99 £44.99 at Amazon (save £45)
The venerable Cloud Alpha may be getting on a bit now, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best, and best-sounding gaming headsets of all time. The smart driver design has been recently aped by Razer's impressive BlackShark V2 range, and sounds as close as you can get to an expansive open back design in noise-isolating closed back headset.

There is one thing I have to note, and that's if you tend to get oily skin around your face you might find the cushion coating rubs off after a couple of years or so. Replacements are just a few bob, but I'd recommend washing your face before putting them on if you wanna save a few pennies more.

Still, with the savings you're getting here, maybe you can keep some of that cash back for funky coloured fabric covers instead.

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