Hyper-violent Dead Rising 2 trailer attacks!

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For those of us who are used to Left 4 Dead's breed of super-fast zombies, the old, stumbling George A. Romero style shufflers seem like a bit of a joke. If you can outrun the oncoming apocalypse on a Segway then it's probably an apocalypse not worth worrying about. Dead Rising 2 agrees, and thinks that the best way to deal with the doddering undead is to humiliate them, preferably using some sort of horrendous weapon constructed from an oar and two chainsaws, held together by gaffa tape. Check out the trailer below for an example of one in action.

From what I've played of Dead Rising 2, the weirdest part isn't the fact that there's a zombie invasion happening, or even the logic behind the brilliantly ridiculous weapons (flashlight + gaffa tape + gems = lightsabre!), it's the fact that the man you play as is such a serious, serious man. Chuck's face says "I have a dark back story. My daughter is dying. Look at my angry eyes", while his body is saying "look what happens when I put this bucket made of drills on a zombie's head lol". The trailer doesn't show the bucket made of drills, but take my word for it, it's both horrible and hilarious.

Here's how the inventing system works. Almost every object in Dead Rising 2 city can be picked up and used against the undead. Workbenches are scattered throughout the Vegas-style city, and these can be used to attach different objects together to create new and ridiculous weapons. Motorbikes, longswords, machine guns, power tools, lawnmowers, you name it, there's one lying about somewhere in the city. What we'd like to know is: what's the best, most hilarious zombie crushing weapon you can think of? It doesn't have to be very efficient, it just has to make a big mess, and preferably completely humiliate the zombies involved. Ready. Set. Invent!

Tom Senior

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