How to watch the Golden Joystick Awards 2021

The Golden Joystick Awards 2021
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The 39th Golden Joystick Awards are upon us, and it's an extra-special show, celebrating 50 years of videogames. Here's all the info you need on how to tune in and exactly when everything is happening.

The Golden Joystick Awards 2021 are taking place tonight, November 23, kicking off with a pre-show at 9:30 pm GMT / 4:30 pm EST / 1:30 PM PST. The best places to peep the ceremony are over on Twitch (opens in new tab) or YouTube (opens in new tab), but you can also tune in through Facebook (opens in new tab), Twitter (opens in new tab) or on the GamesRadar+ (opens in new tab) website. We've even popped it right below for you if you're lazy like me.

This year's awards are being hosted by the fantastic Nolan North and Emily Rose, who've spent over 10 years playing Uncharted's Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher. North said the pair "are honoured to be presenting the Golden Joystick Awards," with Rose saying "it's going to be a blast. Don't miss it!" There'll also be a bundle of special guests to present awards across categories like Studio of the Year, Best Game Community along with two special awards this year—the Ultimate Game of All Time and Best Gaming Hardware of All Time.

It's not just awards tonight, either. OlliOlli World will be debuting its soundtrack ahead of its release later this year, plus a bundle of exclusive game trailers and world premieres will be showcased throughout. 

The show will also celebrate 50 years of gaming with a pre-show documentary from Top Gear Gaming Show producers SpecialGun Productions. It features Doom co-creator John Romero, award-winning game designer Brenda Romero and a whole bunch of other special guests. Music performances from over 20 artists will celebrate some of the fantastic game soundtracks that have blessed our ears over the years, with artists like The Chalkeaters, Trent Hamilton and Lenny performing.

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