How to mine iron ore in V Rising

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Iron is a valuable resource in V Rising, but where can you find it? Unlike many other materials which can be found easily throughout the world, iron ore is only found in some specific locations. You'll need lots of it if you want to build better gear and a proper stone castle as your base, so here's how to get your hands on it. 

How to get iron ore in V Rising 

The best place to find iron ore is in the Haunted Iron Mine in the south of the Dunley Farmlands. Just don't visit this area until you have a gear level of 36 or higher, unless you want your arse handed to you in an instant. There's a powerful boss lurking nearby and it would be rather unfortunate to get one-shotted and lose all your hard-earned loot. 

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If you have a high enough level, you'll need a merciless copper weapon to mine the iron. There's plenty of it in the mine and you can revisit it as many times as you like. Iron ore drops very rarely from killing enemies and can seldom be found in gold chests, so your best bet is to level up and head to the mines. You can then melt the ore in the furnace to create iron ingots, but you'll need to defeat Quincy the Bandit King to unlock the iron ingot recipe first. You can track him from the Blood Altar if you haven't run into him already.

There are other areas around the Dunley Farmlands where you can farm iron ore, as well as in the east of the Cursed Forest. If any other locations are discovered I'll add them here.


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