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V Rising leather guide
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V Rising leather is a crafting material you'll need pretty early on in the vampire survival game. But unlike most of the early-game crafting items, how to get leather isn't clearly explained and you may wind up wondering where it comes from and how to make it. The first time you'll realize you need it is when an early quest tells you to upgrade your Castle Heart, which requires copper bars and leather. The problem is, it doesn't tell you where to find the leather you need.

By this point you've probably got a supply of animal hides from killing the various wolves and bears roaming the forest, but you'll need to unlock and build a Tannery to turn those skins into leather, and acquiring the Tannery means killing a specific boss first. Here's what you need to craft leather in V Rising. 

 V Rising leather: How to craft it 

First you'll need to build a Blood Altar at your castle, which the tutorial will guide you through. By selecting and tracking a boss, you'll see a blood trail that leads to their location. The Tannery is unlocked by tracking and defeating the second boss, Keely the Frost Archer, who is level 20.

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You'll want your Gear Score to be close to 20, too, so upgrade your armor and craft at least one copper weapon. Keely is not that tough, but she's located in the Bandit Trapper Fort in the northeast section of Farbane Woods. The fort is home to plenty of bandits and their pets, and there are several big bandit patrols on the roads around the fort. Those will pose a bigger challenge than Keely herself.

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Once you've defeated Keely, you can claim the Tannery building recipe. Building the Tannery at your base will allow you to add animal hides to its inventory to produce leather. The Tannery costs 8 planks and 160 animal hides to build. Once it's running, 16 animal hides placed inside the Tannery will produce one unit of leather.

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