How to change Fortnite skins and cosmetics during a match

fortnite how to change skins during match

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Epic has added a brilliant new feature to Fortnite that makes a small, but significant difference. Now you can change skins during a match, or buy new skins during a match. The new features comes courtesy of the Fortnite 12.60 update.

Originally, you had to exit a match, wait for the main menu to load back up, and go into the item locker to change your skin, then queue up for another match. No more.

Here's how to change your skin or buy a new skin in a Fortnite match.

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How to change or buy skins in a Fortnite Match

OK, so there's a catch to all of this. No, you cannot change your Fortnite skin in the middle of a match if you're still alive. That just wouldn't be fair. You can however change it once you've been eliminated.

So once you've been eliminated, the usual spectator screen will appear. You'll have the usual option to spectate whoever killed you, ready up for a new game, return to the lobby, and now, the new option to view the shop and locker.

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Clicking the "shop and locker" button will automically open up the familiar shop tab, and at the top you can switch over to the locker tab, where you'll recognize the usual boxes to switch out all of your cosmetic items and skins.

Once you've picked out a new skin, just back out until you hit the spectate screen again and ready up for another match. 

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