Hotline Miami 2 level editor beta now live

Hotline Miami 2 level editor

Do you like your ultraviolence to have that personal touch? Chris was enraged by Hotline Miami 2's propensity to shoot him from off-screen, but now the tools are here to fix that—or make it much worse.

In a blog post, Dennaton announced that the long-awaited level editor has finally made in into a beta state and can be downloaded now by opting into 'editor_beta' in your Steam Hotline Miami 2 beta preferences. Tutorials, helpfully, are already in place for your perusal. The downside to this beta build is that it doesn't include Steam workshop support, so sharing your creations is less than straightforward. Dennaton has recommended "any other way you can think of", but the Reddit level-sharing megathread might be a good place to start.

There wasn't originally any plan to include support for custom sprites, but modders have stepped up with rudimentary tools to plug the gap. The process is a little more involved than building the levels themselves, however, so you'll want to study the instructions yourself before wading in.