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The Honkai: Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz is part of a daily mission called On the Doorsteps of Science that you can complete on Jarilo-VI. In the quest, you need to solve a series of riddles and puzzles for some representatives from Belobog's ministry of education in order to help a scholar in Hotel Goethe get his thesis approved.

Usually, if you weren't a fan of puzzles it'd be the kind of quest you could ignore, but since it's a daily that counts towards your training goals, giving you Trailblaze EXP and Stellar Jade, it's a little frustrating to find yourself stumped for the correct answer. Here, I'll walk you through all of the Ministry of Education quiz answers so far. 

All Honkai: Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz answers

The questions are asked near to Manya just outside the Neverwinter Workshop (Image credit: miHoYo)

As of writing this, there are nine questions in the On the Doorsteps of Science mission. Here they are, plus the answers in the order that the mission presents them.

Question one : Which are there more of: prime numbers or natural numbers?

Answer: Both are the same

Question two: The Limesteins have a large parking lot filled with 42 cars. One day, a thief stole wheels from several cars. Now, several cars have only three wheels left. While appraising damages, the insurer bent down and counted a total of 154 wheels across the lot. How many cars had their wheels stolen.

Answer: 14

Question three: 58 is First Snow, and First Snow is 0. 39 is Summershade Bamboo, and Summershade Bamboo is 14. 99 is Ball Peony, and Ball Peony is 8. 27 is Sunflower, and Sunflower is 4. How much does First Snow, Summershade Bamboo, Ball Peony, and Sunflower added together make?

Answer: 162

Question four: The Limesteins’ wheel thief was apprehended, with the guards taking in three suspects: Jack, Chris, and Eric. The three argued, with Jack blurting: “Chris is the one who stole the wheels!” The quick-witted Gepard quickly found the culprit. To test his aide, Gepard said cryptically without revealing the thief: “How strange. Of the three, only the thief did not lie.” Who was the thief that stole the Limesteins’ wheels?

Answer: Eric

Question five: Howard, Philip, and Joyce: Among them is a good man, a bad man, and a liar. The good man only tells the truth; the bad man only lies; and the liar... Well, he would say anything - sometimes the truth, and sometimes lies. One day, Joyce said: "Philip is either the good man or the bad man." Then, Phillip said: "Either Howard or Joyce is the good man." Which of these three is the liar?

Answer: Philip

Question six: I heard that there's an ancient treasure buried in an inconspicuous corner of the snow plains. Sampo the explorer — Tall, Blue, and Handsome — found the treasure after quite an adventure, and before them, they found two talking gates: One gold, one silver.

One of these doors only tells the truth, while the other only tells lies. Behind one of these doors lies the treasure, behind the other lies an ancient monster. A note on the treasure map advises: The two doors will only answer one question.

The quick-witted Sampo — Tall, Blue, and Handsome — gives it some thought before asking the silver door, "What would the gold door say about the thing that lies behind you?" The silver door answers, "It would say, there is treasure behind me." Which door should Sampo — Tall, Blue, and Handsome — open?

Answer: Open the gold gate

Question seven: The Belobog Academy has discovered a new, invasive species of algae that can double itself in just one day, and in 30 days fills a whole reservoir - contaminating the water supply. How many days would it take for the algae to fill half the reservoir?

Answer: 29 days

Question eight: 1453 = 0 / 1915 = 1 / 2409 = 2 / 6010 = 3 / 9981 = 4 / 8848 = ?


Question nine: Hook is playing a game called "Guess the Flower Color" with her friends.

She invited Julian, Luka, and Big Brother/Big Sister who always plays with them — and stuck a flower in each one's hair. There are four flowers — two white, two purple — and nobody including Hook looked at their own flower nor anybody else's flower.

Next, she asked everyone to step forward and form a line. Hook, Julian, Luka and then Big Brother/Big Sister stood in order. Only looking at the person straight ahead is allowed, and nobody may turn around or peek at anyone else's flower. 

To keep things fair, Hook blindfolded Big Brother/Big Sister — because he/she's so tall!

However, while they can't see their own flowers, we can see them as we walk by: Hook and Luka have white flowers, while Julian and Big Brother/Big Sister have purple ones.

Despite Hook's best and fairest intentions, only one person int his game will be able to guess what color the flower they have on their head is. Who is that person?

Answer: Julian

Since this is a daily mission, not all of these questions will be posed at once. It's also likely that more questions will be added over the coming week. I'll be sure to update this with the other answers when the missions appear.

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