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Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn mount
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The Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn is the only ground mount available in the game, but that doesn't mean it's inferior to the Hippogryph or Thestral flying mounts. What makes the Graphorn special is that it can charge at enemies, knocking them down, and smashing through those pesky barricades that block roads and protect enemy camps.

If you're looking for a speedy way to travel around the map, you might want to know how to get a broom, or perhaps how to figure out those Merlin Trials and Treasure Vaults scattered all over. Otherwise, here's how to get the Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn mount so you can ride the Lord of the Shore and trample your foes under his big ol' hooves.

Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn mount: How to get the Lord of the Shore 

The Graphorn den is located in the far south of the map (Image credit: Portkey Games)

Sadly, the Graphorn mount isn't available until pretty close to the end of the main game, during the San Bakar's Trial quest that sees you head to the final keeper trial in the far south of the map. In the quest, you'll be unable to gain access to the Pensieve chamber, but after burning some vines you'll find a statue of a Graphorn. Professor Fig will suggest that you go and tame this so-called Lord of the Shore to gain access.

The Graphorn den is further to the south by the shore, near the South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame. Once at the den you'll have to fight the Graphorn in order to tame him. The battle isn't too hard, but since he has a lot of health, be sure to use red damage spells and ancient magic attacks. When you beat him you'll be given a choice to either 'Kneel' or 'Attack', but either way you'll tame the Graphorn and unlock him as a mount from then on.

What really makes the Graphorn strong is his ability to smash through enemies and barricades. If you hold left mouse button (RT on controller) the Lord of the Shore will start to charge, though this will drain his stamina gauge. If you want to catch more Graphorns to farm for materials in the Room of Requirement, you can head back to the den, but you'll have to subdue them, too. I recommend standing on the big rock nearby, since you can blast away at them safely before catching them with the Nab-Sack.

Unfortunately, the Graphorn den seems to stay unoccupied until the San Bakar's Trial quest, so you'll have to wait till after you get the mount to capture some.

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