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Hogwarts Legacy's best talents help you equip your witch or wizard with the tools to take on just about any foe. The game often surrounds you with several enemies at once, which can get messy fast. With the right choices, you can create a strong talent build that should keep you on your feet in the toughest battles.

You can unlock talents early in the game after completing the  "Jacdaw's Rest" quest. You'll have five trees to choose from: Spells, Dark Arts, Core, Stealth, and Room of Requirement. Each tree contains three tiers of talents, some of which require you to be a certain level to acquire.

Your first talent point comes at level 5 and then you get one for each level after. There are a total of 48 talent points, but you'll only have 36 points to spend. And the game doesn't currently have a way to respec, or reset your talents.

If you're just starting out, you might want to know how to solve the Ghost of Our Love treasure map, or how to get a broom so you can start flying. Otherwise, here's the best talents to pick.

The best spells talents

Hogwarts Legacy best talents - wizard casts a spell in front of hogwarts

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Level requirement: 5
Talent: Incendio Mastery

You can beef up your Incendio with Incendio Mastery. It's fairly simple: when you cast Incendio, it sends out a circle of fire around you. It's a great method for clearing out packs of enemies and useful to have early in the game.

Level requirement: 5
Talent: Levioso Mastery

A great early game talent, Levioso Mastery helps you manage groups of enemies.  It pulls them together and helps you single individual enemies to dispel. You can also combine with with other attacks to wipe out groups all at once. It's a strong pick for the early hours of the game.

The best core talents

Hogwarts Legacy best talents - hogwarts legacy wizard casts fire spell

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Level requirement: 5
Talent: Spell Knowledge I

I'd recommend picking up Spell Knowledge I (and possibly Spell Knowledge II) to increase the amount of spells you can equip. It's a wizard game, after all; you need spells for almost everything you do. Combat, exploration, and puzzles all require different spells, and having the ability to swap between several of them is crucial to have as soon as you can get it.

Level requirement: 5
Talent: Protego Expertise

With Protego Expertise, every time you block an attack, it sends one back toward the enemy. Hogwarts Legacy combat is all about blocking and dodging with spells in between. Protego Expertise helps fill some of the downtime as you work to survive the game's harder encounters.

Level requirement: 5
Talent: Swift

Swift is very useful for closing the gap between enemies if you plan to play a melee-range build with spells like Incendio. It causes your character to dash forward when you hold the dodge button. For fights that get messy, it can help you escape and get some breathing room.

Level requirement: 16
Talent: Revelio Mastery

Revelio Mastery will make your life easier once you're deep into the game. It increases the range on the spell that reveals hidden objects and treasure. The upgrade is substantial enough that it's worth spending a point on once you're high enough level.

Level requirement: 16
Talent: Basic Cast Airborne Absorption

As you make your way through Hogwarts Legacy, you'll find a lot of enemies have loads of health. This talent helps you build your Ancient Magic Meter by spamming basic attacks on airborn enemies. With this, you can get into the routine of building your Ancient Magic up and deploying it on tougher foes to save yourself time.

The best stealth talents

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Level requirement: 5
Talent: Human Demiguise

The Stealth talents can be a little lacking, but Human Demiguise is worth picking up. Once you grab this talent, you can sprint while using Disillusionment. Otherwise, it's slow and tedious. With a game as big as Hogwarts Legacy, a quality of life talent like this will help you in the long run.

Level requirement: 22
Talent: Petrificus Totalus Mastery

If you love stealth, the final talent in the associated tree is very good. Essentially, it makes it so Petrificus Totalus is nearly a one-shot for small enemies. This can be useful to start off a fight or clear out a camp.

The best dark arts talents

Hogwarts Legacy best talents - wizard casts a spell in front of hogwarts

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Level requirement: 5
Talent: Knockback Curse

Dark Arts users can grab the Knockback Curse talent to empower Flipendo. Flipendo pulls enemies up into the air already, but with this talent it also curses them and makes them take increased damage. Flipendo has a fairly low cooldown, which makes this talent especially useful.

Level requirement: 5
Talent: Blood Curse

Blood Curse makes your spells way more efficient when it comes to large groups of enemies. When you attack a cursed enemy, every other cursed enemy also takes damage. Not only does it make managing packs of enemies easier, it makes every spell you cast significantly more impactful in a fight. Combine it with the Unforgivable trait, and you'll be dishing out loads of damage.

Level requirement: 22
Talent: Curse Sapper

Curse Sapper is available once you've got a fair amount of time in the game. With it, you can get a little bit of health back for every enemies that you defeat. It adds up when you're facing off against bigger packs of foes. This is a smart choice if you find yourself draining too many potions in combat.

The best room of requirement talents

Hogwarts Legacy best talents - potions professor holding a potion

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Level requirement: 5
Talent: Fertilizer

Until this new build gets nerfed, Fertilizer is one of the best talents in Hogwarts Legacy right now. Every chomping cabbage you send out is doubled. Considering how much damage these vegetables put out when combined with the Herbology 3 trait, this talent is a threat to the game's toughest enemies. 

Level requirement: 16
Talent: Maxima Potion Potency

While there's not a ton to love in the room of requirement talents, the Maxima Potion Potency isn't a bad choice. It's a flat increase to your damage when you've drink a Maxima Potion. As you get further into the game, there are occasionally combat scenarios that would be much easier if you could frontload a ton of damage into an enemy early.

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