Hogwarts Legacy players discover a hugely OP secret weapon: cabbage

Hogwarts Legacy - A Gryffindor student holds his wand up while standing in Hogsmeade.
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Hogwarts Legacy is a game about going to school to learn to cast magical spells so you can commit horrific acts of violence at a rate not often seen in tween-oriented coming-of-age tales. But if you really want to kick ass, you might want to forgo magic in favor of something a little more vegan.

Chinese Chomping Cabbages are a magical plant that, as their name suggests, like to bite. The Harry Potter wiki says they have "the ability to chomp on foods, such as carrots," but it also quotes Professor Pomona Sprout as warning her fifth-year herbology students that they'll need to learn "how to avoid getting chomped by the Chinese Chomping Cabbage," effectively confirming that that they'll munch on pretty much anything that comes into range.

It turns out that you can take advantage of that aggression in Hogwarts Legacy, to the point of becoming "completely op," as redditor CumboJumbo put it in a handy "Become a Cabbage Guru" explainer.

"You need the Herbology 3 trait (found in special Bandit Camp chests with four legs, reload save if you dont get it) and the Fertiliser talent (Room of Requirement section in Talents menu)," CumboJumbo wrote. "Herbology 3 will boost Cabbage damage. Put it on all of your clothing items for 6 stacks of damage. Fertiliser generates an extra Cabbage for free. You can have 6 Cabbages out at once this way (giving you 24 Cabbages for your max inventory of 12)."

You'll also want to build four potting tables, with three medium pots each, in the Room of Requirement, which will give you 12 cabbages every 12 minutes. That's a whole lotta cabbage, baby.

It sounds very silly, yes, but it also appears very effective. Here's CumboJumbo absolutely wrecking a forest troll with a half-dozen cabbages:

The cabbage build fares equally well against groups of conventional enemies, too.

Cabbages also apparently synergize well with other plants in Hogwarts Legacy, and are especially useful for stealth builds. "I'm using all of the [Room of Requirements] plant perks, dash rolling into a big pack of mobs using mandrake will usually kill everything within the stun alone," redditor joshwah_ wrote. "You can use all of your plants while stealthed without it breaking stealth, making this build even stronger when combined with stealth perks.

"Summoning 2 Tentacula and 6 Cabbages you will be killing most bosses within seconds. You will rarely need to be summoning more than one plant at a time when killing general mobs."

It's possible that Avalanche Software (not Avalanche Studios!) will nerf the cabbages, or plants in general, at some point in the future, making these veggie-based builds less badass than they are right now. For the moment, though, if you really want to roll OP, get out there and roll some cabbage.

Courtesy of YouTuber Rognarr Atheo, here's a more detailed breakdown on how to put together your very own OP cabbage build:

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