Hildryn will make her Warframe debut next week

Hildryn will make her Warframe debut next week.

While we don't have a definitive date for Hildryn's arrival per se, Warframe developer Digital Extremes' latest developer stream—which also outlined a range of features in development, as well as an update in regards to the melee changes—confirmed she is expected to deploy next week.

ICYMI, Hildryn is a shield-based frame. Her abilities don’t use energy, but instead pull from her shield pool, and instead of the regular primary/secondary/melee signature weapon, she'll come with her own Archwing gun. 

Her first ability is energy launcher Balefire, followed by Shield Pillage, which enables you to steal shields and armour from your enemies. Third ability, Haven, also drains shields from enemies while replenishing yours and your teammates. Oh, and she can become a helicopter, too. You can see her in action in the video below, about a half hour in (thanks, PCGN):

Steven gave us a rundown of Warframe's "massive" roadmap for 2019, which includes plans for an overhaul of the game's daily Alert and Challenge missions. Digital Extremes kicked that new system off a few days ago with the launch of The Wolf of Saturn Six, the first of a series of Nightwave radio events "built on fresh, immediate story-infused gameplay."