Warframe's first Nightwave, 'The Wolf of Saturn Six,' is live today

Steven gave us a rundown of Warframe's "massive" roadmap for 2019, which includes plans for an overhaul of the game's daily Alert and Challenge missions. Digital Extremes kicked that new system off today with the launch of The Wolf of Saturn Six, the first of a series of Nightwave radio events "built on fresh, immediate story-infused gameplay." 

"Nightwave is an ongoing pirate radio broadcast hosted by Nora Night, the eyes and ears of the Origin System," the studio explained. "Each Nightwave Series will unfold over several weeks and tells a brand new story. Completing daily and weekly challenges—called Acts—will unlock limited-time, exclusive rewards." 

Players will encounter new enemies and storylines in Nightwaves, and progress through a series of unique tiered rewards that will only be available while each series is running. "There's a bit of worldbuilding in the Wolf of Saturn [Six]," creative director Steve Sinclair said last month. "It's primarily focused on cosmetic rewards. You'll get to see the lineup and what you're working towards as well as, paced in there, some high-end power rewards." 

The Wolf of Saturn Six will tell the tale of a "savage and unruly convict" who has escaped his prison and is now roaming free in the Origin System. It's live today on all platforms, and is "only the beginning," Digital Extremes said: A new series, with an all-new story, incentives, and rewards, will start up after this one is over. 

Andy Chalk

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