Here are the discussions you missed in the PC Gamer forums this week

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This week on the PC Gamer forums, discussions about Cyberpunk 2077's new gameplay, silly reasons that forum members stopped playing a game, chats about our absolute favourite game worlds, and the best games that were on school computers.

In other PC Gamer news, this month's issue of the magazine is a very special one. The Escape Your World issue is a celebration of the greatest videogame landscapes. We've put together four amazing variant covers, showing off some of the games talked about in our massive 22-page feature. 

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Here are the best threads from the forum this week:

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red unleashed a torrent of new Cyberpunk 2077 information this week during their live stream, showing off new gameplay videos, a new trailer, announcements, and slick concept art. It was also the first time that journalists were let loose in Night City, and our own Andy Kelly wrote an in-depth preview of what he saw during his four hours with the game. 

With all this new information, the forum has been chatting about what they're most looking forward to. If you watched the livestream and are excited about delving into Night City, head on over and leave a comment. 

So what are your impressions? I was a little disappointed that the Wire didn't show any core game mechanics (except "brain dance"). But fortunately there are videos of it on gaming sites. I've got mixed feelings. This can still be an outstanding game, but I can see clearly that it'll have its problems.—Sarafan

I am most excited for the side quests in Cyberpunk 2077. I liked the side quests in the Witcher 3 and I have faith that these are going to be as good or even better than the side quests in The Witcher 3cdinkelspiel55

Here is the thread.

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Funny reasons you stopped playing a game

Things can happen in games that make us never want to play them again. Maybe you made a mistake, picked the wrong choice, or a beloved character in your party died? For me it's puzzle games, I'll get stuck on one and not have the energy to return to the game, knowing that the same puzzle will be waiting for me. Drop your funny or silly reasons in the thread. 

I myself had to stop playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance because of a dumb mistake I made. GameCube games aren't easily available any more, so the only copy of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance I could find was from German Amazon (I live in the Netherlands). We get the game and start it up and everything is in German. So I start looking around for the language options, only to realize there are none. The game is only in German.—Pifanjr

Stopped playing FC3 cause my Favorite Villian died and stopped caring after that.—Probably_Human

Here is the full thread.

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What's your favourite game world?

In celebration of this month's issue of PC Gamer, Chris asked the community what their favourite game worlds are. The thread is full of great recommendations for virtual places to get lost in, a few being Red Dead Redemption 2, The Outer Wilds, Minecraft, Mass Effect, Dead Space, and more. 

Definitely agree with the Skyrim and Far Cry. Especially Skyrim's atmosphere has something different. I feel like I am inside there, with them. On the other hand in Far Cry 3, I feel peaceful on the island. Both games has different atmospheres and it feels so realistic to me.—reneg

Dark Souls! I mean, it's the Dark Souls of world-building after all! Hiding much of the story in item descriptions and environment details made falling off the same ledge to my death for the seventh time almost bearable! Why is there a dead dragon here? Who's armor is this? Why did my head burst into pustules that absorb half the souls I gather? Hey-ho read some item descriptions and look around a bit.—XoRn

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What was the best game on your school computers? 

Jody's weekend question asks what was the best game available on your school computers. Were you stuck with educational games or try and sneak onto Newgrounds when the teacher wasn't looking? Let us know if you remember any and simultaneously reveal exactly how ancient you are. 

Hack, predecessor to NetHack. Or maybe it had already turned into NetHack? Whatever the case, it was great stuff for a PDP-10! (Yeah, we were into "cloud gaming" in the 80's.)Zloth

Since I went to school in the Stone Age, our classrooms didn't have computers. However, the local university had a "gifted students" weekend class thing that let kids learn on their computer lab's super computers, and one of them had Colossal Cave, and I LOVED it. The only other place I found computer games was at the museum, which is where I discovered Oregon Trail—Krud

Here is the thread.

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What was the first video game you remember playing?
Can real-time strategy come back from the brink of death?
Your favourite building/management games
What RPG did you FINALLY find time to play?

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