PC Gamer UK August issue: Escape Your World

This month's issue of PC Gamer is a special one, dedicated to the best virtual worlds that PC gaming has to offer. We're inviting you to escape your world for a celebration of the greatest digital landscapes—and the experience of losing yourself inside them.

The issue takes you on a journey through these incredible landscapes, as the PCG team comes together with opinions and anecdotes from the digital frontier. We've put together four amazing variant covers, showing off some of the games talked about in our massive 22-page feature. We follow the lives of NPCs in Red Dead Redemption, explore how the gritty reality of The Witcher 3's sorcery feels like home, and reveal why climbing the rocky mountains in Skyrim never gets old.

Elsewhere in the issue, we've got two big hands-on previews. The first is our impressions of the ambitious space sim sequel Everspace 2, featuring a chat with Rockfish Games' CEO on whether it can live up to its interstellar predecessor. We also have a preview of A Total War Saga: Troy, in which we do battle with some of ancient Greece's legendary leaders. 

For reviews, we've got two competitive hero shooters in the mix, Amazon's Crucible and Riot's Valorant, with Deep Rock Galactic in the middle so they will behave and not brawl it out. We also have reviews for Maneater, Monster Train, and Minecraft Dungeons.

The hardware team has been on a mission to find the very best graphics cards for 4K gaming. We reveal the best GPU choices right now, taking power and budgets into account. Graphics cards are the heart of your PC, after all, and should be chosen wisely.

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This month's free gift is a digital edition of The Art of Gaming, a book that celebrates the work of artists in the videogame industry. The book includes a collection of interviews with lead designers from the world's best studios, and showcases a selection of gorgeous artwork. This book normally goes for £10, so now is the perfect time to nab it for free. 

Issue 347 is available on all your digital devices from the App Store and Zinio. You can also order directly from MyFavouriteMagazines or purchase a subscription to save yourself some cash, receive monthly deliveries and marvel at our exclusive subscriber covers.

For US readers, the PC Gamer US version of the issue will launch on July 14. You can pre-order it for delivery via MyFavouriteMagazines.

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This month:

  • An epic 22-page feature celebrating the best videogame worlds
  • Hand-on previews of Everspace 2 and Total War Saga: Troy
  • Reviews of Valorant, Crucible, Minecraft Dungeons, and more
  • The hardware team's guide to graphics cards
  • And more!
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