Help a young girl save an island paradise in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Ustwo's surreal 2014 puzzle game Monument Valley is one of my very favorite mobile games. Unfortunately, it's only a mobile game, so it's not something we talk about much here at PC Gamer. But today, developer Ustwo Games unveiled its next project, a journey to a Mediterranean island paradise called Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, and we will be talking about that because it's coming our way sometime this winter.

The teaser doesn't say too much about the game, and to be frank neither does the Steam page: A girl named Alba visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island with her friend Ines, but when she comes across an animal in danger, she decides that it's time to take action. The teaser suggests that something more deep-rooted than a single animal rescue is going on here, as Alba is apparently seeking help for an "island clean-up initiative." The island itself looks like a pretty big place, too—in videogame terms, at least.

This won't be Ustwo's first foray onto PC: Assemble With Care, a nostalgic puzzle game about helping people by fixing their stuff, launched on Steam earlier this year. But as difficult as it is to tell from such a brief teaser and description, I get the sense that Alba will be bigger and more ambitious—or maybe just not quite so mobile-focused. Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to find out more, although it'll be awhile yet. The Steam page says Alba: A Wildlife Adventure will be out sometime this winter.

Andy Chalk

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