Heat Signature trailer shows more sneaky spaceship hijacking; Suspicious Developments looking for partners in crime

Heat Signature

Tom Francis—maker of Gunpoint and former wordsman for PC Gamer—is currently working on a game of galactic spacedickery entitled Heat Signature. We've already seen a bit of it here , but that was months ago—I want to see 11 minutes and 21 seconds of how the game is looking now . In a remarkable twist of fate, Francis has uploaded a video of equivalent length here , together with the news that he's looking for an artist and composer to work on the game. Even if you can't draw good or make music good you should probably stick around, as Heat Signature is shaping up to be quite the thing.

Heat Signature now has classes, as the above video explains, giving you the choice of being a thief or an assassin before you're placed in the game's starry universe. Well, not you exactly: Heat Signature's release is some way out yet, but its underlying mechanics appear to be coming along pretty well. As that video title elucidates, it's a game about "sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships to steal things", something players will achieve by staying under the radar of a spaceship's heat sensors, before infiltrating on foot, taking out the crew, and seizing control of the bridge. Assassins will be given...assassination missions to achieve in the world, while thieves will be tasked with nicking stuff, such as intel or packages.

Two areas currently lacking are the game's music and art, the former of which is non-existent and the latter of which consists of simple programmer art. Francis is looking for collaborators of both artistic persuasions for Heat Signature, regardless of industry experience: an approach that worked out tremendously well for his previous game Gunpoint. If you're interested in submitting samples, head here for details of the sort of thing he's looking for.

Tom Sykes

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