Harvey Relief Done Quick raises $227,000 for Hurricane Harvey victims

First held in 2010, Games Done Quick is a biannual series of speedrunning marathons—Awesome and Summer—that raise money for charity. And we're not talking chump change here, either: The 2017 Summer Games Done Quick event brought in well over $1.7 million for Doctors Without Borders, while the January AGDQ event earned $2.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.   

Over this past weekend, the GDQ folks held a special event in support of victims of Hurricane Harvey, which deluged much of eastern Texas and has resulted in at least 66 deaths and untold billions of dollars in damage. Despite the short notice it too was a major success, wrapping up with $227,876.53. 

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The final total could (and probably will) be even higher, as donations to Harvey Games Done Quick will be accepted until September 8 at the Game Done Quick donation tracker. All funds raised will be donated to the Houston Food Bank.

One other thing for speedrun fans to be aware of: Because of HGDQ's overlap with the previous Awesome Game Done Quick 2018 registration and submission dates, they've been pushed back by a week. AGDQ2018 will still run from January 7-14, however. Full details, including the adjusted schedule, are up at gamesdonequick.com.

Andy Chalk

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