Summer Games Done Quick raises over $1.7M for charity

This year's Summer Games Done Quick has come to a speedsprinting close, raising $1,760,400 for Doctors Without Borders—surpassing last year's $1.3M total in its wake. 

Packed full of impressive speedruns—the best PC games of which Steven gathered here—SGDQ saw over 30,000 donors contribute to the week-long event that housed more than 130 games across a host of platforms.  

My favourite, which Steven highlights above, is Nier: Automata which skilled player Halfcoordinated bests in one hour, 43 minutes and five seconds using just one hand.

Here's that in full:

If you'd like to check out more of this year's streams, head over to the Games Done Quick YouTube channel. There's also still time to donate—do so in this direction.

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