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Harman Kardon slashed $430 off this 5.1 speaker system for Cyber Monday

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If you're looking to surround your fancy new 4K TV with a solid speaker system, today is the day to go shopping. Harman Kardon is offering its HKTS 16 for just $170, down from its $600 MSRP.

Sure, speakers often carry inflated MSRPs to begin with, but Harman Kardon isn't messing around here. The next closest price we found for this set is $300, so you're still saving a significant chunk of change.

This is a compact 120W 5.1-channel set containing five voice-matched satellite loudspeakers for the center, left/right front, and left/right surround channels. They also come with a 200W (RMS) powered subwoofer with phase and bass-boost controls.

You can grab these speakers on sale direct from Harman Kardon (opens in new tab).

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Paul Lilly
Paul Lilly

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