How to celebrate Halloween on PC


It's that time of year when everything is scary, as opposed to the rest of the year when only most things are (news, politics, global climate change, the real estate market, etc.). If you're a little too old for traditional trick-or-treating, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy tricks and/or treats by playing games.

Here's a bunch of games that have Halloween events, surprises, and other goodies for you to enjoy over the weekend. Or should I say... for you to BLOODjoy over the STABend? Nope, I shouldn't. I'm terrible at talking like the Cryptkeeper.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

Los Santos will be the site of some Halloween spirit until November 16, as GTA 5 Online introduces new vehicles like a hearse, monster masks, and 30 new face paints, plus a special Slasher Adversary mode, in which one player with a shotgun hunts up to seven others, armed only with flashlights, in the darkness.


Heroes of the Storm

In addition to a 50% XP bonus lasting until November 3, the Hallow's End event in Heroes of the Storm introduces a new Headless Horseman mount and Buccaneer Falstad skin. A jack-o-lantern portrait will be awarded to players who win 25 games.

Team Fortress 2

Ready for a close encounter? Aliens are invading TF2 in community-made maps and a special spooky version of 2Fort. As with other TF2 events these days, it's complicated, requiring a pass bought at the Mann Co. Store which gets you an Invasion Community Update Coin, which allows you to track player kills and gather Invasion Weapon Cases and... look, I dunno. There are aliens. Shoot them or something.



It seems fitting that a world full of zombies would have an extra dose of Halloween spirit. Some zombies in H1Z1 will have pumpkin heads, and a scarecrow mask for players can be obtained from airdrops in Battle Royale mode. This event lasts until November 12.

World of Warcraft

Hallow's End is a yearly event in WoW, and this year it features spooky pets like the Gastly Rat and Ghost Maggot, as well as new quests and costumes. There are even Garrison Decorations, allowing you to place pumpkins and candles, dress your guards in costumes, and whip up some Witch's Brew.



A horrifying host of cosmetics are on display in Warframe's Halloween weekend, from reskinned weapons to player capes and even a special skin for landing craft that makes them appear to be made of bones. There will also be in-game events and pumpkin loot caches.

World of Warships

Rise of the Phantom Fortress lasts until November 2, introducing ghost ships for you to battle. These spectral warships will be captained by members of the Wargaming staff around the clock, so keep your eyes peeled for the chance to win some special prizes if you manage to defeat them.


Unreal Tournament

In addition to a Halloween-themed map called Spooky Face (based on Facing Worlds), players of the free pre-alpha Unreal Tournament can harvest pumpkins (6,666 of them) to earn a special Pumpkin Fiend mask. There are also a number of seasonal hats that can be acquired by picking up skulls on official servers, and some offline challenges have also been added.


The already unsettling Duskers is adding some cute Halloween drone skins to the game as well as a few other festive touches. They're also going to stream a special on Twitch where viewers will get to control a real robotic drone through a constructed model of a derelict ship. Check out the update video below for more info.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Featuring a blood-red moon, bats and zombie dodos, and pumpkins you can carve, Early Access dino survival game ARK is introducing Fear Evolved. It's been underway since October 28, so keep an eye fearfully peeled for the mythical Dodorex stalking the spooky autumn landscape.


Planetside 2

Nanite of the Living Dead is on again this year. Collect pumpkin seeds to trade for facepaint, letting you look like a clown, a skull face, Frankenstein's Monster, and more. There are also festive weapons such as a cannon that shoots candy corn. Sounds deliciously deadly.

Guild Wars 2

The Shadow of the Mad King returns to GW2, bringing with it a boss fight with the King himself and trick-or-treating adventures in the King's labyrinth. The city of Lion's Arch will be decorated, Candy Corn vendors will be selling new items and goodie bags, and players will be able to craft a new bat-themed shoulder piece.


If you've heard of any other PC game Halloween events that sound fun, let everyone know in the comments!