PUBG confirms new Halloween-themed 'Survival Squad of Horrors' skins

Last week, PUBG prepared for Halloween by teasing Silent Hill-style nurses and Pennywise-like clowns. It's now rolled out a host of scary skins, billed as the 'Survival Squad of Horrors'.

This promo poster looks pretty cool:

"Frightfully fun Halloween costumes are coming to PUBG," reads this Steam Community post. "Starting after maintenance, you can pick up the Killer Clown, Maniacal Butcher, Ancient Mummy, and Bloody Nurse costumes in the PUBG store. Each set will be sold in individual pieces or as a crate at a reduced price, with the Maniacal Butcher costume available for 10,000 BP. 

"We also want to see your best PUBG IRL pictures this Halloween! Going out in a PUBG costume? Carving a level 3 pumpkin? Putting out a supply crate candy dish? Post your pics to @PUBG on Twitter or to Reddit and we’ll share them out. We may even send a special treat to the ones we really like! Just remember to always put safety first."

Check out the Squad lineup in full at the end of this scare-filled cinematic: 

With the aforementioned Halloween picture-sharing campaign in mind, I liked this Twitter person's pumpkin:  

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