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GTA 6 showed up on a Rockstar artist's resume

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Over on GTA Forums (opens in new tab) an eagle-eyed fan has posted a screenshot of a resume belonging to a 3D artist that listed, among other jobs, a position as a "Jr vehicle artist at Rockstar games". The description of their work? "Create vehicles matching with real world for Gta5 dlc and upcoming Gta6."

Rockstar have yet to announce a sixth Grand Theft Auto game but considering how it sold (opens in new tab) it doesn't take a genius to figure there's a sequel in the works. This particular leak might not be legit, however. Previous leaks and announcements have turned out to be pranks (opens in new tab), and even the forum poster responsible for highlighting this one has said, "In my opinion he is either trolling or this is some sort of mistake,there is no way a Rockstar employee would break NDA like that."

The artist's resume (opens in new tab) no longer mentions Rockstar as an employer. If you're still playing GTA Online in anticipation for GTA 6, head over to our guide for how to make money in GTA Online (opens in new tab).

Thanks, PCGamesN (opens in new tab).

Jody Macgregor
Jody Macgregor

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