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GTA 5 Hulk mod now lets you bodyslam NPCs from helicopters at 10,000 feet

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JulioNIB is best known as the GTA 5 modder bringing The Avengers to Los Santos (opens in new tab). His player-made projects include Ghost Rider, The Flash, Iron Man, Dragon Ball Z, Thanos (opens in new tab) and The Hulk—the latter of which has now been upgraded to devastating effect. Without further ado, here's the new 'HULK v2 script' in motion. It's, dare I say it, pretty Incredible.

As showcased there, The Hulk now has 17 special abilities including: Super Strength, Auto Heal, Super Jump, Super Sprint, Super Melee Attacks, Grab and Throw, the aptly-named Use Lamp Pole as Baseball Bat… Hulk-sized breath... Jump and Smash Ground, Atomic Slam, Thunder Clap, Jump and Special Attack, Attack Mid-Air Targets, Jump to Mid-Air Vehicles, Take Down Mid-Air Vehicles, Wall Climb, and, my favourite, Rip Off Pilot/Driver From Mid-Air Vehicle. 

That last one is best demonstrated at the 3.27 mark above. That parachute ain't saving you there, pal.  

JulioNIB explains (opens in new tab) players can customize the Green FX with different colors by "checking the suit .ini files, and the fxBaseColor variable (Alpha, Red, Green and Blue)". The creator then explains how to activate the Hulk's 'Wall Climb' manoeuvre, how to grab vehicles in mid-air, and how to perform the aforementioned pull-dude-from-flying-helicopter action.  

Head over to JulioNIB's blog (opens in new tab) for HULK v2 script installation instructions, and check out our collection of the best GTA 5 mods (opens in new tab).  

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