GTA 5 mod brings Thanos to San Andreas with devastating results

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Last month, I met the GTA 5 modder bringing The Avengers to Los Santos (opens in new tab). JulioNIB's esteemed Grand Theft Auto projects include Ghost Rider, The Flash, Iron Man, Dragon Ball Z and The Incredible Hulk—the latter of which he's now upgraded to devastating effect. Following the super villain's recent foray into Fortnite (opens in new tab), Julio has also brought Thanos to San Andreas. 

By virtue of the Infinity Gauntlet's reality stones, here's the purple juggernaut turning things into water, transforming objects and humans into animals—such as whales, monkeys and pigs—and causing general chaos on the streets of Los Santos:

Likewise, here's Thanos calling meteors from above to combat his five-star wanted level:

Check out Thanos in other equally compromising situations via this playlist (opens in new tab)

Chris first wrote about JulioNIB's GTA 5 Hulk mod back in 2015 (opens in new tab). It's now been upgraded to v2 with new powers, animations, sounds, and effects. More on this work-in-progress venture can be read here, however here's the Hulk 2.0 in typically peace-shattering form:

More on JulioNIB's creations can be found on his GTA X Scripting blog (opens in new tab), his YouTube channel (opens in new tab) and his Patreon page (opens in new tab)

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