Grab a Corsair Katar gaming mouse with 8,000 dpi sensor for half price at $20

Gaming mice do not need to cost a king's ransom. Corsair proves otherwise with its Katar, an optical gaming mouse with an 8,000 dpi sensor. Normally priced at a reasonable $40, it is currently on sale for just $20.

You can't take a date to the movies for that price (at most theaters, anyway). What you get here is a compact rodent that is also lightweight at just 85 grams. It also has an ambidextrous shape.

This is not a feature-rich mouse by any means, though it does cover the basics, including four programmable buttons and on-the-fly dpi switching. It also comes with a "pro player mode" with pre-configured settings that are supposedly customized by the "world's top players."

Bottom line—this is a cheap mouse for gamers on a budget.

You can find the Katar on sale at Amazon and Newegg. Also be sure to check our picks for the best wired and wireless mice.

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Paul Lilly

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