Goat Simulator devs plan new map, local multiplayer, and goat parkour

Earlier this month, Coffee Stain Studios made the case for giving their customers free DLC . Now the goat experts are doing exactly that in the first big patch for Goat Simulator. On its blog , Coffee Stain has detailed what the free DLC will include. Are you ready for goat parkour?

Probably the most exciting part of the free DLC, which Coffee Stain Studios is calling Patch 1.1, is an entirely new playable map. It will include “some pretty crazy stuff,” like a ferris wheel you'll be able to overcharge with car batteries. Here's a very early screenshot:

Then there's the addition of local splitscreen multiplayer. You'll be able to play with 2-4 players at the same time. If you're wondering why only local, Coffee Stain Studios says it can't add online multiplayer because it will cause physics synchronization issues across several computers. Maybe, in the distant future, internet technology will be able to handle this much goat.

Patch 1.1 will also add new achievements, goat parkour , rideable bikes, better optimization and more playable goats.

Finally, one bit of good news for goat simulator fans in the UK. If you're unable to download Goat Simulator for some reason, Koch Media announced that it will publish a retail, still PC-exclusive version of the game in the UK starting May 23.