Get your Final Fantasy 7 Remake fix with this Tekken 7 Tifa mod

We're still in the dark about when (or even if) Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming to PC once Playstation exclusivity lifts, but fighting game fans can have the next best thing with a new Tekken 7 mod that plonks Tifa Lockhart into the game.

Created by Wolfe, the mod is a character replacement for Josie. Five of Tifa's iconic outfits are included—her classic FF7 outfit, Advent Children outfit, the Mature and Sporty variants of her Wall Market dress, and her yee-haw flashback cowboy attire. Wolfe is also working on her Exotic dress, which they say is 90% complete.

The mod also comes with HUD replacements, an announcer for Tifa on the character selection screen, and even a voice replacement pack for Tifa, though the latter is currently incomplete. There are a few kinks to work out—Tifa's hair goes a little ham during Rage Art, as well as some general clipping and physics issues. 

(Image credit: Bandai Namco/Square Enix)

As far as character replacement mods go though, Tifa fits in surprisingly well with Tekken's universe (much better than Bernie in Soul Calibur 6 at least), and Josie's move list matches her fighting style almost perfectly. Wolfe says they've put over 500 hours into the mod over the last month-and-a-half, and it shows. 

Tekken 7 already has an official Final Fantasy representative in the form of FF15's Noctis, and The Walking Dead's Negan is there too, for some reason. EVO also managed to get everybody's hopes up for Metal Gear Solid's Snake back in 2019, but sadly it just turned out to be a quick joke video they had put together without consulting Bandai Namco.

Mollie Taylor
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