Snake is not sneaking into Tekken 7 (Updated)

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This weekend, EVO hosted a few fighting game announcements amid the relentless brawling of the tournament's competitors, and one in particular got folk all in a lather. During the Tekken 7 finals, it looked like Metal Gear Solid's Snake was being teased as an upcoming fighter. Hopes were raised and then, tragically, dashed. 

"That was some good-ass Tekken," said Snake in a codec that played for the EVO audience. The random appearance of a character from an unrelated series usually means crossover is due, so the clip quickly spread outside of the tournament. You can watch it below, courtesy of AllGamesDelta. 

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Unfortunately, it was all a misunderstanding—just a joke gone awry that was just meant for the audience. EVO put it together without talking to Bandai Namco and it was meant to be a "little joke". The organisers posted an apology on Twitter. 

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Snake's appeared in a few fighting games before, including Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Ultimate, so it wasn't much of a leap. Who knows, though? Maybe all the excitement will inspire an actual crossover. Bring him out of retirement.

While Snake is absent, Tekken 7 is still getting some new characters. Bandai Namco revealed the Season Pass 3, bringing back Zafina and introducing a new character, Leroy Smith. Zafina will return in September, followed by Leroy in winter 2019. 

Update: Longtime Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter was very clear about his displeasure with the "joke" on Twitter. 

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