Get Trials of the Blood Dragon free for mastering the demo

If you're keen to try Trials of the Blood Dragon but have yet to bite the bullet, you'd be well advised to wait until July 22. On that day, players who download the demo and complete it in 15 or less turns will be gifted the whole game, free of charge.

The demo must be downloaded on uPlay, and the offer is only valid for one day – so if you're super enthusiastic about it, best brush up on your Trials skills before then. 

Is it worth it though? Phil Savage was not fond of the game, writing that while "it shows promise when it's allowed to be a Trials game... the rest of the time, it's just bad." 

Still, if the retro-futuristic Blood Dragon novelty hasn't worn off for you yet, it's hard to deny a freebie. This is what it looks like in action:

Shaun Prescott

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