Get free Genshin Impact Mora and Primogems by inviting your friends to play

Genshin Impact
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A new Genshin Impact in-game event called Adventurers, Assemble is giving players a month to snag some free in-game currency by inviting other adventurers to the game. From now until November 27, players who are at least Adventure Rank 15 can acquire and share an invitation code that, when used, will create an "Adventure Bond" with newcomers, and deliver both Mora and Primogems as they advance.

Players who share invitation codes will earn 10,000 Mora when the code is used, and 60 Primogems when a player they've invited reaches level 15. Another 60 Primogems will be awarded if a second invited players hits level 15, and 60 more will follow if a third makes it.

There are rewards for using invitation codes too, if you're at or below Adventurer Rank 7: 10,000 Mora, ten pieces of Fine Enhancement Ore, and ten Adventurer's Experience for using a code, and then three-star artifacts and some Hero's Wit for achieving Adventure Rank 5, 10, and 15. 

(And if you're somewhere between rank 7 and 15, well, work on it. We've got some quality tips that will help get you over the line.)

Mora, by the way, is Genshin Impact's primary in-game currency, which can earned through gameplay, while Primogems are a premium currency—that is, purchased with real money—that, among other things, can be used to refill your Original Resin stores. 

Note that each invitation code can be used to invite up to ten players, but players can only accept one code, so using multiple codes to double up (or more) on your free loot isn't an option. Rewards will be delivered via in-game mail which will expire after 30 days, so be sure to claim them when they show up—and if you find that you can't claim your reward after reaching the appropriate rank, wait a bit and try it again, because there may be some data delays.

On top of the in-game rewards, 30 randomly-selected Genshin Impact players will also be given a set of AirPods Pro: To be eligible for that, you'll need to post your invitation code and UID in the comments section on the Genshin Pro Facebook page, Twitter, or forums, and successfully invite at least two new players who achieve Adventure Rank 15. You can invite your friends, or accept their invitations, at  

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