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Get a cheap gaming mouse deal with the Razer DeathAdder Elite pointer for only $30 at NewEgg

Get a cheap gaming mouse deal with the Razer DeathAdder Elite pointer for only $30 at NewEgg
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We have found a killer pre-Black Friday cheap gaming mouse deal on one of the best gaming mice going. At Newegg right now, you can get the original DeathAdder Elite for just $29.99—that's more than 50 percent off its normal retail listing price. It's worth noting that there's a nice coupon code that can be used to get an extra discount when purchases go over the $100 mark. If you go for this great mouse and add some more gear to get you into triple figures, then simply add the code MKTCBL at checkout to get another 5 percent off. 

If you're getting a bit of deja vu, we recently found a similar deal on Amazon for a Razer DeathAdder Elite Destiny 2 themed gaming mouse (no longer on sale) last week. However, the mouse is so good and such a bargain when its price comes down that we can't help but highlight it once again. And for good reason: the DeathAdder Elite remains number two on our best gaming mouse list. This is due to its responsiveness, scroll wheel, and design. It also has great ergonomic form factor and a 16000 optical sensor ensuring its an accurate, responsive and comfortable mouse all in one hit. This must-have mouse has near-flawless tracking and is a favorite at the PC Gamer offices. At only $30, the money you save can easily get one of the best gaming keyboards.

The really important thing to note here is that the deal ends at Midnight PT tonight. So act quick to take full advantage of such a deep discount.

Cheap gaming mouse deal

DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse | $29.99 ($70 off) at Amazon
A perfectly shaped 16,000 DPI gaming mouse that's designed for maximum comfort and flawless tracking. Remember, if you're getting some other goodies, use promo code MKTCBL for 5% off any purchases over $100. View Deal

If now isn't quite the right time, we'll be rounding up the best Black Friday deals around November to help you upgrade your rig for less. We'll also have other gaming keyboard and mouse deals that'll be worth your time, alongside a whole host of deals on monitors, pre-built PCs and laptops, headsets and components. It sure is a great time to be on the hunt for items to rejuvenate and upgrade your setup.

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