Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars guide: Meteorite locations, quests, and tips

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars
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The Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars event is now live, bringing with it a ton of easy to earn loot that you absolutely shouldn't miss, including one of Genshin Impact's best characters. But to get everything, you're going to have to complete a series of lengthy quests and go hunting for meteorites—some of which are surprisingly tricky to find. Fortunately, this guide breaks down every Unreconciled Stars meteorite location and quest, with a few tips to help you maximize your rewards and save time hunting. 

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars overview 

Unreconciled Stars is a new seasonal event that lasts until November 30. It's one of Genshin Impact's biggest events yet and includes several lengthy quests and some lucrative rewards. It's also broken into three different phases, with new quests and rewards coming with each new phase. Here's everything you need to know: 

  • You have to be Adventure Rank 20 to participate in Unreconciled Stars.
  • Phase 1, called Unknown Star, starts on November 16.
  • Phase 2, called Star of Deceitful Dreams, starts on November 18.
  • Phase 3, called Star of Destiny, starts on November 23.
  • Event currency can be earned up until November 30.
  • The special in-game shop for event currency is open until December 6.
  • Completing this event will also earn you a free copy of Fischl, one of Genshin Impact's strongest characters.

Unreconciled Stars is broken up into a couple of distinct elements. The first is a major quest that can be accessed from the Event menu (F5 on PC). Once this quest is complete, you'll gain access to two new features: Meteoric Waves and Overtures.

Meteoric Waves are a series of three sidequests with lucrative rewards like event currency and Primogems.

Overtures mark certain regions on your map and spawn meteorites. Collecting these meteorites will earn you event currency you can spend in the in-game shop and some extra Primogems.

In addition to regular loot, completing these events will also earn you Fading Star's Might and Fading Star's Essence. Both of these can be spent on a variety of rare loot, including character ascension materials, experience cards, and mora. 

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How to get started 

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Unreconciled Stars might seem a little complicated, but it's actually extremely easy. The first step is to go to Mondstadt and talk with Katheryne, who you should be very familiar with as she's the Adventurer's Guild Receptionist that you speak with to turn in daily quests or receive the rewards for increasing your Adventure Rank.

Talking to her will start the Unknown Star quest, which takes you to the village of Springvale to learn about the mysterious meteors that have fallen all throughout Teyvat and are making anyone who gets near them fall into a cursed sleep. The quest is easy to follow, so I won't bother going into too much detail.

Once you complete Unknown Star, you can begin taking on Meteoric Waves sidequests, which are also very easy to follow and won't require much effort—just a little running about. You'll also be able to take on Overtures, and collect fallen meteors for extra currency. All of this, along with the shop, is found in the Event menu (F5 on PC). When phase two and three become available in the following weeks, you can complete the next chapter of the main quest. 

Unreconciled Stars meteor locations 

When choosing a new Overture from the Event menu, you'll be shown a region on your map where fallen meteors can be collected. If you head to that area, you'll begin to see blue circles on your minimap which mark the rough location of a fallen meteor. 

  • You only need to collect seven meteors to complete the Overture, but many more exist in a given area and can be collected to earn you extra Fading Star's Might to spend in the shop.
  • As explained in the Unknown Stars quest, these meteors will react with your character, making their Vision (an object they carry with them) noticeably glow the closer you are.
  • Meteors react to your Elemental Sight (middle mouse button by default), so you can use that to stop ones nearby.
  • Look for the blue clump of glowing crystals, that's the meteor.

Finding them will take a bit of time as they are often tucked into nooks and crannies in the environment and the blue circles that mark their rough location are still pretty big. To save you time, here's some maps courtesy of redditor Shukaaa for the Unknown Star Overture meteorite locations. 

Redditor ComputerDifficult has helpfully compiled a list of meteorite locations for the Star of Deceitful Dreams Overture. 

Unreconciled Stars rewards 

The Event menu also has a special shop where you can spend your Fading Star's Might and Fading Star's Essence. Using Fading Star's Might, you can buy a variety of Character ascension materials and, equally as valuable, up to 150 Hero's Wit, which reward an enormous amount of experience when used on a character. This is a fantastic way to level up new characters you've received if you've been starved for experience points.

Fading Star's Essence isn't currently available (it will roll out in a future phase), but it can be used to buy talent level up materials and enhancement ores for your weapons. Both extremely useful.

Lastly, one of the best rewards from Unreconciled Stars is Fischl, the electro bow user and one of Genshin Impact's S-tier characters according to our tier list. She's seriously fantastic, but you'll have to wait until the end of the event in order to get her.

To unlock Fischl, you have to:

  • Complete the Star of Destiny quest (unlocks with phase three on November 23)
  • Complete the Meteorite Remains Salvage Challenge 14 times (unsure what this is, but likely unlocks with phase two or three).
  • Complete the Fallen Star Challenge 7 times.

That's basically it. We'll continue to update this guide with new meteorite locations as they become available and as new features unlock with the different phases. 

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