Genshin Impact realms guide: layouts, currency, and travelling salesmen

genshin impact teapot guide
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For everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact teapot, you've come to the right place. Coming as part of the launch of the Genshin Impact 1.5 update, we now have the chance to inhabit our own, personal slice of Teyvat. The new housing system nudges miHoYo's free RPG ever closer to MMO territory, and there's plenty to get your painter-decorator hands on.

Once you've completed a surprisingly lengthy new quest, you'll be awarded the Serenitea pot, which lets you choose one of three Genshin Impact realm layouts (at least at first) in which you can place all sorts of fun furnishings—if you can find the different Genshin Impact wood locations for the relevant crafting materials. Even better, according to miHoYo, we may be getting new features like gardening and furnishings we can interact with in future, so expect the mechanic to expand with future updates.

So, if you fancy your own corner of Teyvat and want to know how to properly make it your own, let's get cracking with the following Genshin Impact teapot guide.

Getting realms

Genshin Impact teapot quest: How to complete A Teapot to Call Home and get the Serenitea Pot

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Before you can even think about planning your dream hangout space, you'll need to be at least Adventure Rank 35. Once you're there you can start the quest 'A New Star Approaches' and then tackle, 'A Teapot Called Home'. During this mission you meet Yanfei, the new 1.5 character—the other new face, Eula, should be coming in late May.

Anyway, during the two-part quest, you'll be tasked by Madame Ping in Liyue to find some rare materials with Yanfei in exchange for a present. It takes a little while and is mostly a series of chats and cutscenes, but when you need to show evidence to Krosl, do so in the following order:

  • 1. The Jade Mystery
  • 2. Mingxing Jewelry
  • 3. Bubu Pharmacy

When you're all done you'll get your present from Madame Ping: the Serenitea Pot Gadget. You use this as you would any gadget: In the 'Gadgets' section of your inventory, summon the teapot and interact with it so you can choose which realm layout you're going to call home.


Genshin Impact realm layouts: Which to choose

Next, it's decision time: Which realm do you choose? You've got three choices at time of writing—Emerald Peak, Cool Isle, and Floating Abode—but you'll only be able to claim one at first. You will be able to access more in future, but you should decide carefully for your first one, if you care about your environment. It's just cosmetic so just go with your gut. 

The trouble is you don't get to see each realm layout before you commit, so below are video overviews of each one:

Emerald Peak

Cool Isle

Floating Abode

You will eventually be able to claim more realms by increasing your Trust Rank (and then by spending Realm Currency, more on that below), which is managed by your charming new avian friend, Tubby the Teapot Spirit, so you don't need to agonise too much. 

You progress that rank by placing different types of exterior and interior furnishings for the first time only; Placing a copy of an item already placed in a realm won't move your Trust Rank forward. For that reason you should be buying and crafting the materials for as many different blueprints you can get your hands on.

Realm Currency

How Genshin Impact's Realm Currency works

Realm Currency is an automatically-generating currency, and the rate you amass it increases depending on the number and rarity of furnishings you have in your realm. It can only be used at the teapot's Realm Depot vendor and you can put it towards buying furnishings, blueprints, and items that speed up crafting.

Claim your Realm Currency by opening the Jar of Riches in Tubby's menu. To maximise your takings, avoid letting the jar reach max capacity.

The rate at which your Realm Currency accumulates is dependant on your realm's Adeptal Energy; The more you have, the faster the currency appears in the Jar of Riches. Increase your Adeptal Energy by placing more furnishings (rare ones, if possible) in your realm. That way you'll have more currency to spend on crafting blueprints to increase your Adeptal Energy, Trust Rank, and Realm Currency rate, and so on. Here are different energy levels:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Adeptal Energy breakdown
LevelEnergyRC per hour
Humble Abode20008/hr
Fit For A King2000030/hr

Travelling Salesman

How to find the Genshin Impact Teapot Travelling Salesman

Since you should be obtaining and crafting as many furnishing blueprints as possible, absolutely keep an eye out for the Teapot Travelling Salesman. This temporary vendor appears in your realm at the weekend selling unique items, blueprints, and even animals.

You can also visit a friend's realm and do business with their travelling salesman, too. So long as you're both friends in-game, click on your pal's avatar in the 'My Friends' menu and then 'Request to visit Serenitea pot'.

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