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Looking for the best Genshin Impact wood locations? In case you missed it, housing is one of the headline features to arrive with the 1.5 update—as well as new characters, Yanfei and Eula, of course. So if you're looking to spruce up your own section of the world, you'll need to make sure you have plenty of resources for buildings and furnishings, and Genshin Impact wood plays a big role.

No doubt you'll want to make your own realm feel as cosy as you can, and you're going to need a lot of wood to do it (or an increase in your Teapot Spirit Trust Rank). One of the first things you'll want to know is the best Genshin Impact wood locations, whether you're searching for fir, cedar, or pine wood—or any of the other six materials. Luckily, we've listed them all here, along with how to spot them. Read on to discover what you need to know about the different types of Genshin Impact wood.

Genshin Impact wood locations: Where to find the housing materials you need

There are seven different wood variants in Genshin Impact. Each of them are listed below along with where to find them, and a picture showing you what each tree type looks like. All you need to do to harvest the wood is find the relevant tree and attack it with your weapon—you'll know if you've got the right item when it pops up on the left side of your screen.

Birch wood

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Genshin Impact birch wood locations: Stormbearer Mountains, Starfell Lake, Cape Oath

Birch trees are difficult to miss. Their leaves are light, bright, and the wood itself is very pale. These trees really stand out.

Cuihua wood

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Genshin Impact Cuihua wood locations: Mondstadt, Falcon Coast, Dadaupa Gorge

Cuihua trees, well, less so. If someone were to ask you to picture a tree, this'd probably be it. These bulbous trees are full of lush green leaves and the wood itself is dark.

Bamboo segment

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Genshin Impact Bamboo segment locations: Qingce Village, Wuwang Hill

You'll find Qingce Bamboo trees all over Liyue, but they're especially populous in the suitably-named, Qingce Village. Their trunks are very thin with green, bushy tops.

Sandbearer wood

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Genshin Impact Sandbearer wood locations: Mt. Tianheng, Mt. Aozang, Dihua Marsh

When approaching the Liyue areas mentioned above, look out for the warm yellowy-orange tint of the Sandbearer tree for this wood type.

Pine wood

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Genshin Impact pine wood locations: Entombed City - Ancient Palace, Snow-Covered Path, Wuwang Hill

You can venture to the chilly climes of Dragonspine for pine wood, but there are other available spots you can head to for it. Look out for tall, thin trees with a smattering of snow on them (if you go for the former route).

Cedar wood

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Genshin Impact Fragrant Cedar Wood locations: Whispering Woods, Starfell Lake, Springvale

The trunks on cedar trees tend to brand out in different directions at the top. These green-leaved trees can be found dotting the terrain in the starter area of the game.

Fir wood

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Genshin Impact fir wood locations: Stormbearer Mountains, Starsnatch Cliff, Falcon Coast

Fir trees can be tough to distinguish for Cuihua and pine trees from a distance. But, once you're up close, look for the wiry leaves that make these trees unique.

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