How to "Seize Destiny" in Mona's new Genshin Impact quest

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To "Seize destiny" isn't your typical Genshin Impact quest step, and when it pops up in Mona's new Phantom Realm quest, Ancient Azure Stars, it probably left you a little stumped. I know it did for me. After solving the fairly difficult Astral Puzzles in her domain, you likely thought you were done with the most complicated part of her new event story.

Fear not, though; the solution to getting past this quest step is actually pretty simple, and here I'll show you what to do. If you're hoping to get Fischl's fancy new outfit before the end of version 2.8, you might also want to know where the Phantasmal Conches are. We also have info about the new Sumeru characters: Tighnari, Collei, and Dori

That said, here's how to seize destiny in Mona's quest.

Genshin Impact Seize Destiny: How to complete the quest step

After you've solved the four Astral Puzzles and followed the last star back to the central chamber, the water in the pool will disappear, letting you explore some corridors while Mona narrates about being an astrologist. After this sequence, you'll find yourself in her home, where you touch an object that transports you to a watery plane filled with floating stars. 

You'll get the quest instruction, "Seize destiny", but as you approach the stars, they fly away so you can't catch them. The key to this section is that you are looking for one star in particular. You can tell the one you need to grab as it's flying around leaving a trail behind it, while all of the others just float gently in-place. Look around and find the star, then chase it down and interact with it to finish the quest.

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