How to get Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact 3.4

Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa with Nahida
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Sand Grease Pupa are a new less-than-pleasant sounding material you can find in Genshin Impact 3.4, and you'll need a whole lot of these cocoons if you want to level Althaitham fully. As is usually the way, the new Desert of Hadramaveth region contains the materials required to level Genshin's new characters, including the Pseudo-Stamens that you can only get from beating that pesky Setekh Wenut worm boss.

They aren't quite as irritating to farm as the main desert's scarab beetles, and there are plenty of them to gather in a relatively small area if you are looking to level the five-star scribe quickly. You might also be pondering the best Alhaitham build to go for. Either way, here's where to find Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact 3.4.

How to get Sand Grease Pupa 

Sand Grease Pupa are unique to the Desert of Hadramaveth region, but are primarily found underground in the Wenut Tunnels. You can find some on the surface in the west side of the region, but the best farming route is near to the entrance by the Passage of Ghouls in the east. Head to the nearby waypoint and drop off the edge to find a path snaking down underground. You'll find the first Sand Grease Pupa soon after next to the path. 

The official Genshin Impact interactive map has the full list of Sand Grease Pupa locations, and you can also toggle between above ground and below ground now, which makes finding the underground ones a lot easier. Once there, make your way through the cave system grabbing them up.

You need 168 to level Alhaitham fully, but luckily there are a lot more Sand Grease Pupa than some of the other regional specialities. There are 74 altogether and the majority of them are contained in that eastern cave system, so it should only take a few farms to get enough. Remember that regional specialities take two real world days to respawn. If you are trekking across the surface of the Desert of Hadramaveth but haven't completed the quest yet, beware of the Setekh Wenut, which will pop out of the sand to stab you if you stay still too long. If you're looking for a specific farming route rather than just gathering them yourself, KyoStinV has a way to grab all 74 in a single jog through the desert:

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