Where to find Golden Koi and get The Catch polearm in Genshin Impact

Sara stands next to a Fishing Association NPC, located on a beach in Inazuma
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If you're looking for Golden Koi locations in Genshin Impact, chances are you're after The Catch, a new polearm added with the 2.1 update. You'll need to find other fish, too, such as the Rusty Koi and the Raimei Angelfish. Luckily, our Genshin Impact fishing guide will help get you started on your angling adventures.

Of course, if you successfully wished for Baal, you should start farming her Ascension Material, the Amakumo Fruit, and making sure you've sealed all the Warding Stones on Seirai Island can make it much easier too. But if you're ready to slow down the pace, here's where to find Genshin Impact Golden Koi, how to get The Catch, and all the latest fish respawn times.

Genshin Impact Golden Koi and Rusty Koi locations 

Both Golden Koi and Rusty Koi are generally found in the same locations, though the latter will only spawn at night between 1800-0600. You should use Fake Fly bait for both, so you don't need to worry about switching between different types. The locations are listed below, though you can check the screenshots above too. 

These locations spawn both types of koi:

  • Liyue: The bridge between Guili Plains and Mingyun Village.
  • Liyue: On the shore to the west of Wangshu Inn.
  • Liyue: Right next to the domain at Luhua Pool.
  • Inazuma: Next to the Statue of the Seven on Seikai Island. 

Additional Golden Koi location: 

  • Mondstadt: To the right of the teleport waypoint in Stormbearer Mountains.

Additional Rusty Koi location: 

  • Mondstadt: On the shore directly east of the city of Mondstadt.

Raimei Angelfish location. (Image credit: miHoYo)

Where to find Raimei Angelfish 

Raimei Angelfish are slightly more difficult to find as there appears to be only one location you can catch them. They spawn at the cluster of tiny islands south of the Kujou Encampment in Inazuma—the screenshot above should help you pinpoint them. 

There's also the added complication of the enemies that appear here, so you'll need to take care of those before you settle down to start fishing. Raimei Angelfish only spawn at night, too, so set the time to anywhere between 1800 and 0600. 

Location of the Inazuma Fishing Association NPC. (Image credit: miHoYo)

How to get The Catch in Genshin Impact 

The Catch is a new four-star polearm that you can get from the Fishing Association in Inazuma in exchange for—you guessed it—fish. The NPC you need to speak to is located just outside Inazuma City. The map above shows you exactly where. Here's what you'll need:

  • Raimei Angelfish x 6
  • Golden Koi x 20
  • Rusty Koi x 20

And here are the stats for the weapon, at level 1: 

  • Energy Recharge: 10.0%
  • Base ATK: 42
  • Shanty: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 16% and Elemental Burst CRIT Rate by 6%

(Image credit: miHoYo)

Genshin Impact fish respawn time 

The fish respawn time is three days. While there are plenty of places to fish across Teyvat, there is a respawn timer for fish to repopulate like other farmable materials. This means you'll need to keep track of which spots you've fished in so you don't waste travel time returning to areas before the fish has respawned.

It also means you won't just have an endless supply of fish, so you should prioritise how you want to use it to avoid being caught short. Also, bear in mind that you'll need fish to buy the recipes for different types of bait.


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