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Looking for the best Genshin Impact fishing locations? Now that the 2.1 update is here, you're probably keen to get your hands on new characters Baal and Sara, both of whom are part of the new Reign of Serenity banner. And of course, there's the continuation of the archon quest to get stuck into as well.

But sometimes you just want to take a break from saving the world and indulge in a spot of fishing instead—and that's where this guide will help you out. As well as slowing down the pace for a while, you can exchange the fish you catch for various materials and blueprints or use it as meat in cooking. So without further ado, here are all the Genshin Impact fishing locations, as well as what you need to do to unlock this new activity.

How to unlock fishing in Genshin Impact

Luckily the process to unlock fishing is pretty painless. You'll need to be Adventure Rank 30 or above—this is the requirement to get to Inazuma—and have the Serenitea Pot housing system unlocked. If you meet those requirements, you can pick up the Exploding Population quest by talking to Katherine at the Adventurer's Guild in Mondstadt.

It's a short quest that sends you to meet Nantuck, the Mondstadt angler located just outside the city. He'll show you the basics and send you off to catch a couple of fish to get you started.

Genshin Impact fishing locations  

Schools of fish can appear in any body of water, so it's worth keeping an eye out for them when you're out and about. They appear in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma, and if you happen to spot one, you can always mark it on the map and come back to it later.

Also, bear in mind that if you get too close to the fish or if you're fighting enemies close by, you can scare the fish away.

The maps above show you the locations to look. The type of fish you can catch will change depending on the time of day, too. This interactive map shows you the different types you can get at each location.

How to catch fish in Genshin Impact 

The fishing mechanics are simple, though it may take you a couple of tries to get to grips with it. When you approach a fishing school, you'll be prompted to press 'F' to get started. Next, you can select your fishing pole and the bait you want to use.

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Hold the left mouse button to aim to begin fishing, then release it to cast your line. When a fish is attracted to the bait, wait for the splash animation, then press the left mouse button to hook it. If successful, a tension gauge will appear, and you'll need to alternately click and release the mouse button to keep the indicator within the specified area. If you manage this until the circular bar fills all the way, you'll get the fish.

Different fish are attracted to specific bait, so it's worth knowing what you're after before you get started. You can pick up bait blueprints from Fishing Associations and make them at any crafting bench.

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