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Geneshift, where battle royale rounds last only 2 minutes, is free to keep for the next 48 hours

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Geneshift (opens in new tab) is a fast-paced game, a top-down GTA-inspired battle royale where the rounds only last for two minutes. Yup, that's quick, and if you're quick too you can grab the game for free. Geneshift is currently free on Steam (opens in new tab), and if you download it in the next 48 hours, you can keep it forever.

The battle royale mode for Geneshift began as something as a joke (opens in new tab), but since the community seemed to love the idea it grew into a full-fledged game mode. Despite the two-minute timer, it's still got everything you'd expect from a battle royale, complete with dropping into the map, hunting for gear, speeding around in vehicles, and shooting the hell out of each other. It all just happens really fast.

And hey, if you try it and like it, you can still purchase the Complete Edition to support the developer, which "includes a full singleplayer campaign, online co-op, 5 extra PvP game modes, cosmetic unlocks, quality of life improvements and more!" It'll be 30% off for the next two days (opens in new tab), so even though you're spending money you're still getting a bargain.

The free-to-keep deal for Geneshift ends December 19, at 10 am PST, so get a move-on.

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